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Welcome to Phantom on a Budget, the premier website dedicated to low-cost makeup effects and costume resources for "The Phantom of the Opera" cosplay.

Whether you are looking for a one-time Halloween or fancy dress costume, or are wanting to start a more detailed Phantom cosplay, or are researching an amateur or school production of the stage musical, you have arrived at the right place.

This site was created to help educate and inspire others in their Phantom costuming endeavors.  Here you will find basic makeup and wig tutorials, video tutorials, costume references, costume planning and purchasing resources, links, photos, research materials, and much more.

I am an amateur special effects (SFX) makeup artist and wig maker, and have been cosplaying as The Phantom for 20 years. My makeup and cosplay have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Playbill, Theatermania (and this interview with Lesli Margherita), and even on Oprah Winfrey Network television with longtime Phantom actress,Sandra Joseph, during her appearance on Oprah Winfrey's "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"



I have also been an invited guest speaker at musical theatre conventions, including MusicalCon 2022 (London, United Kingdom), BroadwayCon 2017/2018/2020 (New York City, United States), and PhantomCon 2015 (Richmond, Virginia, US).



Have a question about Phantom makeup or costuming? Need help with your upcoming cosplay plan or stage production? Please contact me below and let's get started!

I can't wait for you to join in the fun!

- Lindsey

Phantom on a Budget

Cosplay Tutorials and Resources

The Phantom of the Opera

Learn more about the history of Gaston Leroux's original tale, its history and many forms in the last century, and the blockbuster musical that inspired my cosplay journey.

Phantom Costuming and Cosplay

Research materials and resources for starting your cosplay and costuming endeavor! Includes advice on planning, budgeting, advice from cosplay experts, my cosplay history, and a detailed look at the famous Phantom's mask.


Phantom Makeup Tutorials

Multiple tutorials for different versions of Phantom through the years. Includes the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Gaston Leroux, Lon Chaney, and Claude Rains. Also features materials such as liquid latex, gelatin, silicone, and application of pre-made prosthetic appliances.

Phantom Wigs & Hair

Videos and tutorials on how to alter existing wigs, construct wigs from scratch, or modify your own hair to help you achieve your desired look.

About Phantom on a Budget

How I got started in cosplay, special effects makeup, wig making, and more about my accomplishments in the field.

Helpful Links

Links for costuming and cosplay websites, tailors, mask makers, makeup artists, and more!

Cosplay and Makeup Gallery

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