About Phantom on a Budget

PHANTOM ON A BUDGET ( is the premier, award-winning online resource for Phantom of the Opera cosplay.  Launched in 2006, the site serves the average Halloween-goer and new Phantom cosplayer by providing low cost, fundamental makeup techniques and ideas to help inform and inspire.  The site features makeup tutorials, wig making resources, costuming tips and resources, links to other cosplay/costumer sites, and background information on The Phantom of the Opera.  

Over the last 17 years, I have been contacted by fans from all over the world, asking for assistance or simply offering their comments on the site.  I have been sought out as a makeup and production design consultant on several occasions, and have contributed to amateur productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  I have traveled to multiple Phantom-related fan events across the United States and United Kingdom. It has truly been a rewarding experience creating the site and interacting with fans at such events.  I am always flattered and humbled when someone from halfway across the world emails me offering thanks for the tutorials, or looking for additional help on the costume or makeup, or someone walks up and greets me at an event.  I am also a published author of introductory monster makeup tutorials on various Halloween related magazines.

If you have any questions about Phantom makeup or costuming, please contact me using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Me
I have been a longtime fan of all things The Phantom of the Opera since I first heard the Original London Cast Recording of the Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical in 1995. That immediately sparked an interest in me, and I went on read the original Gaston Leroux novel, and consumed nearly every version of Phantom that existed out in the mainstream media. My interest in the musical has taken me across the United States, where I have seen the show dozens of times both on Broadway and across the country with the Third National Tour (Music Box Company) at in Las Vegas. The show has even taken me to the United Kingdom, where I have also seen it a dozen or so times at its original home in the West End at His Majesty's Theatre.

I started cosplaying as the Phantom in 2003, when it was simply a convenient Halloween costume. At the time, there were no online makeup tutorials available, let alone any for Phantom makeup. As a result, I decided to keep repeating the costume over the next couple of years to learn new makeup techniques and utilize different materials. I educated myself using various stage and effects makeups books, including Richard Corson's Stage Makeup. Along the way, I also slowly upgraded costume pieces and attempted to make the entire picture more accurate. It didn't take long before fellow Phantom fans were asking me for help and advice on their own costuming and makeup plans. And thus, Phantom on a Budget was born. The site officially launched in 2006 and remains the foremost resource for Phantom of the Opera cosplayers.

Through the years, I have had the extraordinary fortune to spend time with cast and crew members from various productions. This time backstage has afforded me the rare opportunity to study how the show is put together, to view costumes up close, learn directly from the production makeup artists themselves, and speak with the actors performing these iconic roles. I have also had the great pleasure of meeting and working with several other top cosplayers/costumers in the Phantom fandom, and call many of them good friends.

People are usually very surprised to discover that Phantom and the makeup/cosplay are not a top priority for me. I have many other passions and interests in life, including horses (show jumping), ice hockey, music, travel, hiking, and making memories with my best friends. I'm just fortunate that the Phantom stuff fits neatly into the chaos of my life, and given me some of my very best friends!