Phantom of the Opera Makeup

Recreating the Phantom's various facial differences/disfigurements has been a longtime fascination for fans of the story. His appearance varies greatly between versions; some are congenital deformities (from birth), some are injuries inflicted later in life, others still are works of the Devil himself.

In the original novel, he appears with a "death's head" or a skull-like visage. In the popular Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical, the Phantom has a congenital condition that affects the right side of his face and head. In the Claude Rains movie, he suffers a horrific acid burn. All these different looks require different techniques and materials to recreate them. 

Doing this makeup can be extremely intimidating for many, but it doesn't have to be! Check out all the detailed tutorials below to help educate and inspire you to give the makeup a try for yourself.
Getting Started:

First thing is first, take a look at your wallet!  Makeup supplies (unfortunately) are very costly and can rack up quite a bill, so budget accordingly. The whole premise of these tutorials is to offer some insight into creating these effects with some low-budget, basic materials. From here you can only get more sophisticated and technical with lifecasting, sculpting, mold making, and using materials such as foam latex, silicone, foam gelatin, etc to create the prosthetics. However, the average Halloween goer looking to be the Phantom probably is not interested in all that. So, in the spirit of keeping things simple, here are some basic tutorials geared for you. Each pages includes a supply list and step-by-step instructions.

About Face:  Makeup and Hair for your Phantom Costuming

Please see the video below for the full Phantom of the Opera makeup workshop I hosted at Phantom Con (8-9 August, 2015). Includes information about makeup design and safety, various three-dimensional makeup materials (such as gelatin and liquid latex, as well as nose/scar wax, rigid collodion, and 3D transfers), two-dimensional makeup, eyebrow covers and adhesives, wigs/hair, and question/answer session. A comprehensive resource for anyone just starting out! If you are just getting started in stage/special effects makeup for Phantom, watch this video first and then check out the tutorials below!

Makeup Tutorials

Andrew Lloyd Webber Stage Musical

How to use pre-made prosthetics or liquid latex/cotton to re-create the iconic look of the ALW stage musical.

Gaston Leroux / Lon Chaney

How to use liquid latex and cotton to craft the original "death's head" skull-like facade of the original Phantom from the novel, or pay homage to the greatest film Phantom, Lon Chaney.

Claude Rains / 1943 Movie

Using silicone makeup to recreate the famous acid burn from the 1943 technicolor movie starring the iconic Claude Rains.

Robert Englund / 1989 Movie

How to sculpt, mold, and pull your very own Phantom prosthetics! Design your own and see the character in your mind come to life.

Making Your Own Prosthetics

How to sculpt, mold, and pull your very own Phantom prosthetics! Applicable for liquid (slip) latex applicances or FX gelatin. Design your own unique disfigurement, or recreate your favorite version of the Phantom from film or stage, and see the character in your mind come to life.