Claude Rains / Silicone Makeup Tutorial

The Phantom of the Opera's 1943 technicolor version, starring Claude Rains, is often a favorite among fans.  It includes not one other love interest for Christine, but TWO!  Claude Rains' Phantom is an endearing version of our favorite sewer goblin, who suffered personal tragedy when splashed in the face with acid.  The movie is a must-see for any Phantom fan, but as a makeup artist, I also found it very intriguing and wanted to give it a shot.

This also presented a perfect opportunity to use silicone to create the three-dimensional scars.  Here's what you need to know if you'd like to recreate this makeup yourself!

- Silicone makeup (such as "3rd Degree" - comes in Part A and Part B components)
- Mixing plate/palette
- Makeup spatula/popsicle stick/dull plastic knife to mix and apply gelatin
- Foundation/Concealer, creme makeup, aquacolor, etc (personal preference)
- Alcohol-activated makeup for best results when coloring the silicon acid "burn"
- Elmer's glue stick and powder for covering eyebrow
- Rigid Collodion (for creating thin, indented scars)

Optional Supplies
- Eye liner/shadow for color highlights/lowlights if desired
- Lipstick/color if desired
- Setting powder or spray
- Stage blood, blood gel, or homemade "blood" (if you like gore!)

Mixing and Applying Silicone Directly to Skin (building prosthetics on the face)

1. Clean face
2.  Mix equal part A and part B of 3rd Degree on makeup palette.  If equal parts are not mixed, the the silicone will not set properly
3.  Using makeup spatula, apply small amount of mixed silicone to face
4.  Use the utensil to move the silicone around, creating bumps and shapes as you go.  Silicone allows approximately five minutes of working time.  If you're doing a large area of the face, make small batches of silicone and apply them one at a time until the area is completely covered).  Tap the setting silicone to create different textures and effects as desired, and be careful to blend the edges of the scarring smoothly into the skin
5.  Allow to set (up to five minutes)
6.  Apply foundation or other makeup delicately to face, powder as necessary. 
7.  Use eye liner pencil or like utensils to create color and lowlights on the disfigurement if desired
8.  Apply lip color as desired
9. Once finished, spray setting spray on face to set the colors and prevent them from rubbing off.